Our Story

After three years of development, Acreto is delivering the first fully integrated, end-to-end virtual security platform that can protect any technology, on any network, anywhere. The platform enables companies to consolidate security vendors, reduce operational complexity and cut cost.

Security for Everyone

Today, advanced security is reserved for the largest, most affluent organizations who seemingly have unlimited budgets and staffs.

Small and mid-sized organizations have limited budgets and struggle to find expertise, leaving them to make critical choices on what they can effectively secure.

For the first time, Acreto makes advanced security simple, accessible and affordable for small and mid-sized organizations. These organizations are the backbone of our global economy and we empower them to execute advanced security without experts and unreasonable budgets. Acreto democratizes security!

Executive Leadership

john weiss
John Weiss

John Weiss has worked with and for venture and private equity packed enterprise software companies for over 20 years in management roles spanning sales, pre-sales, alliances, & product marketing for companies like i2 (now Blue Yonder), Xeeva (sold to Peak Performance Partners), Noodle.ai and Aera Technology.  He was an early sales leader at o9 Solutions, now a 2,500 person unicorn, backed by KKR and General Atlantic and has additionally served several venture and PE firms in consulting, board of director, and interim executive roles.

about Babak
Babak Pasdar
Founder, CTO

Babak Pasdar is a globally recognized innovator, cybersecurity expert, author, and entrepreneur best known for his multiple innovations in the area of cloud security. He has successfully founded and exited two companies that were the first innovators in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Secure-Access-Service-Edge (SASE) spaces. Babak is Acreto’s founder and serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer with a focus on solving some of the toughest cybersecurity challenges the world faces.

about Thad
Thad Eidman
Founder, COO / CFO

Thad Eidman is serial technology entrepreneur who has co-founded companies in the end-user performance and managed security services markets. Thad is co-founder of Acreto and focuses on business development and company operations to support Acreto’s market-leading technologies.

dave engal
Dave Engal

Dave has been involved in technology as a GTM leader and investor since 1994. He has built and led sales and GTM teams for industry leaders like NetApp, Oracle, Alcatel, and multiple startups including Zingbox (sold to Palo Alto Networks). Dave is responsible for the Acreto GTM strategy and execution.

Board of Directors

acreto robert thomas
Robert Thomas

Robert brings 30 years of experience creating, building and managing profitable technology businesses to Acreto. As a key member of the Acreto Board of Directors, Robert will help support the company’s strategic direction and growth as Acreto fundamentally changes how the world’s most vulnerable systems are secured.

eash sundaram joins acreto
Eash Sundaram

Eash Sundaram is a digital technology leader and investor who has deep operational experience with complex application environments and cybersecurity operations. Along with his venture and PE experience, Eash brings a wealth of knowledge into the requirements for rapid organizational scale.

about Babak
Babak Pasdar
about Thad
Thad Eidman

We Believe in People

Whether it’s a customer, partner or teammate, we believe that with the right environment and support, people can accomplish amazing things together. We empower innovators who want to make a difference every day.


We listen — really listen to our customers, partners and teammates. Shared ideas and creativity are essential to our innovation process.


From our focus on Women in Technology to our international workforce, we embrace the differences that enable unique perspectives and contributions.


We seek to be transparent in everything that we do, creating openness and trust in every aspect of our teammate, partner and customer relationships.

Interested in seeing Acreto SASE+Plus in action? Let’s start with some basic information.

    Interested in seeing Acreto SASE+Plus in action? Let’s start with some basic information.

      Interested in seeing Acreto SASE+Plus in action? Let’s start with some basic information.

        Interested in seeing Acreto SASE+Plus in action? Let’s start with some basic information.