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Integrating and securing acquired organizations is overwhelming for any IT team. Contending with all the new organizational offices, users, and applications is a manual effort and a logistics nightmare.

Acreto makes integrating and securing acquired organizations to your standards a simple and fast. There is no need to buy or ship products or spend long hours of re-architecture and deployment. Acreto gives you immediate visibility, control and threat prevention for all new offices, users, clouds and applications.

Benefits Include

Remote Deployments without Products

Remote Deployments without Products

Remote Deployments without Products

Acreto provides all the tools and resources you need to connect and security all your distributed technologies without hardware, products or logistics.

Secure Anything, Anywhere

Secure Anything, Anywhere

Secure Anything, Anywhere

Secures all access and application delivery technologies including IoT, OT and IoMDs.

1. Access Technologies

Devices - Computers, Mobile, BYOD, Offices and SoHo

Third-Party Users & Applications

IoT / OT / IoMD

2. Application Delivery Technologies

Data Center / Hosted Networks, Servers, Virtual Machines & Containers

Clouds Instances and VPCs

SaaS and Third-Party Hosted Applications

02-Take Control
03-No Re-Architecture
Centeralized Management

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

A single management and reporting interface for all your offices, clouds, users and applications.

Consolidated Security & Connectivity

Consolidated Security & Connectivity

Consolidated Security & Connectivity

Acreto consolidates eight different security product categories into a single simple platform you can turn on in minutes and deploy in hours.

1. Next Generation Firewall

2. Zero-Trust Network Access with integrated MFA

3. Secure Web Gateway

4. SD-WAN Hub

5. Segmentation

Micro-Segmentation (Isolates group of technologies)

Nano-Segmentation (Per individual technology Isolation for local and remote devices)

6. Application Security

7. IoT / OT Security

What problems do you want to solve today?

Acreto’s comprehensive platform enables you to address critical problems facing your organization. Below are examples of key use cases utilized by Acreto customers.

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