AI Security

Generative AI is a huge industry and as is often the case, functionality outpaces security. AI has become a huge source of data leaks for confidential organization information, personal data and injection of unlicensed code into your critical applications. Acreto addresses these problems with the first AI Security platform to give you both visibility and control over indiscriminate leaks of your confidential data. Acreto AI-Sec deploys easily without re-architecture or products and can give you instant visibility and control of the usage of current and future Generative AI technologies.

Benefits Include

Get Insight

Get Insight

Get Insight

AI is everywhere and is being used extensively by your users, however, most organizations don’t have any insight into usage. What is it being used for and how often. AI-Sec provides

Take Control

Go Beyond Visibility - Take Control

Go Beyond Visibility - Take Control

Visibility only technologies require manual response and do not mitigate in real-time. This after-the-fact approach is ineffective and resource-intensive.

02-Take Control
03-No Re-Architecture
No Re-Architecture

No Re-Architecture, No Products, No Logistics

No Re-Architecture, No Products, No Logistics

AI-Sec is just turned on, not built out. It works transparently with your existing security ad network technologies.

Support Users

Supports Users, Devices and IoTs, Anywhere

Supports Users, Devices and IoTs, Anywhere

AI-Sec is there to protect all users, devices and IoTs both local and remote. You never have to worry about gaps and inconsistencies in the

05-Work Transparently
Works Transparently

Works Transparently

Works Transparently

AI-Sec is Intuitive. Your users wont have to do anything different or take special measures. AI-Sec is there to transparently identify all exploitative, confidential and non-compliant communications and instantaneously make them secure, secret and compliant.

Use Cases


Control Licensed Code

The volume of AI generated code has exploded. The injection of licensed code poses a real risk to organizations. AI-Sec identifies code and associated licensing so AI generated code does not pose a risk to your critical applications.


Prevent Data Leaks

Leak of confidential and PII data via Generative AI engines is a growing problem – and getting worse by the day. AI-Sec replaces confidential and PII with nondescript code when inputing content in the AI engine and re-injects the data transparently into the content presented.

Your confidential and PII data never leaves your site and just as importantly is not learned by the AI engine to be re-used.


AI Engine Steering

There are many different AI engine technologies with more being introduced weekly. Organizations have concerns about the hap-hazard use of AI by their user community. In particular per user one-off account costs and the inconsistency in results each AI Engines produces.

Acreto AI-Sec empowers organizations to steer requests directed to various AI engines to a single AI platform of the organization’s choosing. Organizations can negotiate global pricing to keep their costs in check and benefit from company-wide consistency in results a single vetted AI platform produces.

What problems do you want to solve today?

Acreto’s comprehensive platform enables you to address critical problems facing your organization. Below are examples of key use cases utilized by Acreto customers.

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