Why Traditional Security Can’t Work with IoT – Babak Pasdar



IoT NY #57 – Why Traditional Security Can’t Work with IoT – Babak Pasdar

Watch Acreto CEO/CTO Babak Pasdar discuss why traditional security cannot work with IoT at IoT NY‘s MeetUp on October 2, 2018: Decentralizing IoT and Disrupting the Telcos.

We’re over a decade into the era of the IoT and it’s still broken. People have great ideas for making the world a better place with more connected devices, but they still can’t turn their ideas into reality with all of the obstacles surrounding large deployments, from data privacy, data ownership, network coverage and access, and hardware costs just to name a few.

At this MeetUp, we heard from Babak Pasdar, Founder and CEO of Acreto, who provided a brief overview of data privacy and IoT security, as well as the challenges facing the IoT industry today.

About Acreto IoT Security

Acreto IoT Security delivers advanced security for Crypto-IoT Ecosystems, from the cloud. IoTs are slated to grow to 50 Billion by 2021 and are on track to be the biggest consumers of Blockchain and Crypto technologies. Acreto’s Ecosystem security protects Crypto / Blockchain and Clouds as well as all purpose-built IoTs that are unable to defend themselves in-the-wild. The Acreto platform offers simplicity and agility, and is guaranteed to protect IoTs for their entire 8-20 year lifespan. The company is founded and led by an experienced management team, with multiple successful cloud security innovations. Learn more by visiting Acreto IoT Security on the web at acreto.io or on Twitter @acretoio.

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