“Blockchain’s for Business” – Crypto Country Song!


Blockchain’s for Business: The Busted Crypto Boys present the world’s first crypto country song!

The Acreto IoT Security team works extremely hard – but we like to enjoy ourselves along the way. Listen up and heed these Blockchain security blues, folks.

Buddy and his Busted Crypto Boys did not start out busted! There was a period when they were the biggest entrepreneurs.  Every Sandhill Road VC in Silicon Valley wanted them in their portfolio.  As natives of the legendary Fin-Tune city of Hashville they had a standing spot at the Gran’ Federal Reserve Crypto-Music hall.

With their fortune in hourly crypto currency gains, they stayed at the most extravagant hotels and ate at the best restaurants. All the single women wanted them as their gentleman callers and all men wanted to be them!

Then hard times hit when their e-wallet was hacked! You see the Boys thought that Crypto WAS security – plus, they didn’t give a second thought to IoT security. Well they were wrong. You see, at the time, Crypto was so new and there was a lot of conflicting information out there. After all, they were making so much money on the market that they were euphoric as a pot-bellied pig in a mud bath.  If only they had a security expert advising them, rather than reading articles put out by marketing departments about how best to secure their fortune.

The Boys are now sharing their cautionary crypto-country tale with all who’ll listen.  As Buddy “Cash” Bitcoin, the band’s founder said: “It’s better to have Crypto’d and lost than to have never Crypto’d at all”.  His twin brother, Billy “Dash” Bitcoin, vocalist for the band chimed in: “Crypto giveth and Crypto taketh away.  But at least we were fortunate enough to have had a taste of the Crypto-Crazy Life.”

Now the Boys’ are bursting at their miners to share with you their latest and greatest….  Blockchain’s for Business!


Buddy “Cash” Bitcoin – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Billy “Dash” Bitcoin –  Bass & Vocals
Ralph “The Ripper” Ripple – Drums
Terrence “T-Bone” Tangle – Triangle
Harry “Ham-Bone” Hashgraph – Harmonica
Ernest “Smart Contract” Ether – Band Manager

Strap on your crypto boots, grab your boogie-woogie wallet and feel the blues deep down in your miner’s ASIC with the Busted Crypto Boys’ sad but true cautionary tale!

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