Data Never Stops for the Facebook Empire – Audio Article


Data Never Stops for the Facebook Empire.

This is part five of a multi-part series on, The Facebook Dossier. Researched, reported, and compiled by Acreto IoT Security.

The Facebook data empire never stops. Facebook is a technology behemoth not limited to the Facebook brand. It is a conglomeration of over 60 acquisitions as of July 2018. Some are brands that Facebook opted to keep as stand-alone platforms, including Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing platform, Whatsapp, a messaging service, and Oculus, a virtual reality technology. But most of the acquisitions have been used to build Facebook’s feature sets – and to build on Facebook data.

Check out our Facebook Dossier website online for a link to the list of the 60 plus companies Facebook has acquired. Acquisitions include for file hosting and sharing, Relation for mobile advertising, Gowalla for location tracking, for facial recognition, Onavo for data redirection and collection, Faciometrics for machine learning, Ozio for artificial intelligence, and Confirm for government ID verification.

Now, let’s talk about Facebook Data and Ubiquity.

There have also been some unusual acquisitions such as Ascenta, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, and Endaga, a rural communications platform. More than 2.2 billion Facebook users highlight its saturated market penetration, accounting for an astounding third of the world’s population. Facebook’s desire for continued ubiquity has led it to pursue the only space where it doesn’t have penetration—the rural space where no Internet exists. Its strategy is to own the rural market and use long-flight drones to support areas where the Internet is sparse or non-existent. By acting as the ISP, Facebook will have access to all user data no matter the applications they use or the sites they visit. Facebook data truly extends far and wide.

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