How Facebook is Relying on IoTs to Own You


The Facebook Dossier: Highlights

Facebook Data Collection is Pervasive – An Introduction

  • Facebook is spyware and a personal information trafficker across computers, phones and IoT devices, collecting information on both the social’s users and non-users. Read the introduction here.

Facebook Spyware now Mainstream – Get Used To It

  • Facebook’s spyware machine is pervasive – and the company has their sights set on conquering even MORE data through the Internet of Things. To understand Facebook’s massive data collection and processing engine, one must start with what the term “Spyware” actually means. Learn more about cross-device tracking here.

EU Responds to SOS with GDPR

  • The European Union’s recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) addresses the digital challenges we face today – such as Facebook’s data collection practices. Read how it affects Facebook here.

A Checkered History with the Truth

  • Facebook’s checkered history with the truth has spanned multiple investigations on collection and dissemination of personal information. While the European Union has taken steps to address these digital privacy and security challenges by implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the United States, on the other hand, remains easily befuddled by the organization’s roundabout and vague legal jargon, as well as their deceiving product design. Read about how there hasn’t been any substantive action taken to address the issues with Facebook’s privacy practices, even after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, here.

Data Never Stops for the Facebook Empire

  • Facebook’s massive data collection machine never stops. The technology behemoth is not limited to the Facebook brand. It is a conglomeration of 60+ acquisitions. Check it out here.

The How Behind the Facebook Suck Machine

  • Facebook extensively tracks you and your devices, and collects a raft of data on everything you do through their myriad of data collection points – garnered from apps to IoTs. Read about their tracking methods here.

Facebook Cookie

  • The Facebook cookie tracking marker is foundational and critical to Facebook’s extensive data collection operation. Learn where and how they track you here.

Facebook Plugins

  • If Facebook tags you with a cookie, Facebook plugins such as the “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” buttons will report on you even if you are not logged in or connected to Facebook. If you touch on Facebook property – and there’s a myriad of properties! – they’ve got you. Read about it here.

Facebook Pixel

  • The Facebook Pixel is a small block of code an administrator, such as an advertiser, can add to their site for data collection on all visitors. Learn about it here.

Facebook Analytics

  • Facebook Analytics is a data-driven operation, and ultimately, spyware. Their massive data mining operation is one of the most sophisticated in the world. Read more here.

Facebook Ads

  • Facebook’s sprawling empire is further expanded through their ad network and audience platform. Learn about their spyware operation here.

Facebook App

  • When using the Facebook App, the company collects prodigious amounts of data for analytics as well as your communications with your social network. Read about it here.

We Want It All, We Want It NOW!

  • Your IoT devices may as well be Facebook’s IoTs! IoT devices are infused with many Facebook-enabled apps that deliver data points to Facebook’s massive analytics machine, and Facebook wants more. Learn more here.

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