Acreto is simple to use. First tell us about your IoT Ecosystem and its participants – like IoTs, clouds, applications and users. Then let Acreto know what kind of security attributes you want. And don’t worry if you are not a security expert – we will translate it to techno-babel.



Connect your Ecosystem participants to Acreto. You can use Acreto’s easy to use clients, but you don’t have to — it also works with many standard protocols such as SSL, TLS and IPSec. Mix and match encapsulations or stick to one standard — Choose what suits your environment.



As much as we tried to make it a three-step process, we couldn’t. Congratulations, you are now protected with the world’s most advanced security platform.

How Much Does It Cost

Acreto is utilization based and you only pay for what you use. If you use it a little — you only pay a little. There are no limits, commitments or contracts. Best of all you can scale when you need it — up or down.

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