Acreto Seed Round

For Select Investors

Acreto Seed Round For Select Investors

How can 75 Billion under-powered, vulnerable, globally distributed devices be secured? With AcretOS!

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Who We Are

Acreto was founded by serial entrepreneurs Babak Pasdar and Thad Eidman who have collectively built and successfully exited five technology companies. Along the way they also created three new Gartner categories: Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Firewall-as-a-Service (FaaS) and End-user performance management. The management team has a track record of producing 8-12x returns for their investors and are deemed one of the best at engaging and communicating with investors.

Babak Pasdar


Thad Eidman


An Explosive Market

Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies outnumber mobile phones 2:1. Mobile phone markets are completely saturated with 8 Billion mobile devices world-wide. Though still in its infancy, IoT has dwarfed the mobile market at 20 billion — growing to 75 billion by 2022.

Distributed & Mobile IoT Security Crisis

Today, how we compute is radically different. Security tools that protect static networks are compromised by a web of globally distributed clouds, SaaS and IoTs. A single application can span multiple  third-parties across many geographies. Today’s network and on-device security tools are completely ineffective to address this new way that we work.

Acreto Advanced Security

  • Released general availability product and revenue generating
  • First and only technology to secure entire distributed and mobile technology ecosystems
  • 1% market share translates to $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR)
  • Multiple patents pending innovations in the areas of security, networking, scale and operations.
  • 15x cost reduction over any current security option.
  • 90%+ Gross Margins.
  • Paying beta customer was in production for 8 months

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Advisory Board

Bob Flores


Central Intelligence Agency

Bob Gourley


Defense Intelligence Agency

Maciej Kranz

Executive VP, Innovation

Cisco Systems

Brain Harmon

VP Sales

Palo Alto Networks