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IoT Security Paradox by Acreto CEO Babak Pasdar at NJBIA Cybersecurity Summit Keynote 2018 

Acreto CEO Babak Pasdar took the stage as closing Keynote Speaker to discuss the IoT Security Paradox at the New Jersey Business & Industry Association’s (NJBIA) Cybersecurity Summit on June 15, 2018. At the Newark Airport Marriott conference, The Internet of Things – Transforming your Business, Pasdar gave a speech titled, The Crypto – IoT Security Paradox: How more security makes you less secure.

Over the next three years, a staggering 50 billion Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices will be online, powering 6% of the world’s economy. Although these IoTs will exist everywhere – from supply chain vehicles to smart buildings – they’ll use a patchwork of insecure third-party applications and networks to manage Crypto / Blockchain transactions and send data.

Acreto CEO Babak Pasdar explored how IoTs need an entirely new type of security, because the enterprise security that exists today was never built for an environment where IoTs are not only mobile, they’re often geographically distributed. And surprisingly, the more layers of security added to try and secure data and Crypto-currency transactions, the less secure IoT Ecosystems become. Pasdar, Ethical Hacker and creator of the Acreto Cloud, will speak directly to this paradox.

Acreto delivers advanced IoT security for Crypto-IoT Ecosystems, from the Cloud. IoTs are on track to be the biggest consumers of Blockchain and Crypto technologies, and Acreto’s Ecosystem security protects Crypto / Blockchain and Clouds, as well as all purpose-built IoTs that are unable to defend themselves in-the-wild. The Acreto platform offers IoT Security with simplicity, agility and is guaranteed to protect IoTs for their entire of 8-20 year lifespan. Learn more about IoT security vs. Enterprise security here.

The NJBIA is the largest employer association in the United States, with more than one million members in all 50 states. Though founded in 1910 to focus on workforce safety, the organization now fosters a competitive business climate, advocates for member companies, and aims to tackle the business world’s most pressing issues.

Pasdar was named one of New York’s top ten startup founders – read more here.

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Acreto IoT Security delivers advanced security for IoT Ecosystems, from the cloud. IoTs are slated to grow to 50 Billion by 2021. Acreto’s Ecosystem security protects all Clouds, users, applications, and purpose-built IoTs that are unable to defend themselves in-the-wild. The Acreto platform offers simplicity and agility, and is guaranteed to protect IoTs for their entire 8-20 year lifespan. The company is founded and led by an experienced management team, with multiple successful cloud security innovations. Learn more by visiting Acreto IoT Security on the web at or on Twitter @acretoio.

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