IoT Security for 21st Century Must Address the Entire Ecosystem


IoT security is still being viewed through the prism of enterprise security, which is built on medieval logic. First, build a big moat around your castle – offices and data centers. Second, if you need mobility, painstakingly build and outfit operators with armor to go out into a dangerous and cruel world. Back then, the whole thing was as expensive and messy as it is in relation to enterprise security today. Source


Learn more about Acreto’s real-life IoT Security Use-case here.

Want more news? OMG – Mirai malware variant turns IoT devices into proxy servers. Read here.


About Acreto IoT Security
Acreto IoT Security delivers advanced security for Crypto-IoT Ecosystems, from the cloud. IoTs are slated to grow to 50 Billion by 2021 and are on track to be the biggest consumers of Blockchain and Crypto technologies. Acreto’s Ecosystem security protects Crypto / Blockchain and Clouds as well as all purpose-built IoTs that are unable to defend themselves in-the-wild. The Acreto platform offers simplicity and agility, and is guaranteed to protect IoTs for their entire 8-20 year lifespan. The company is founded and led by an experienced management team, with multiple successful cloud security innovations. Learn more by visiting Acreto on the web at or on Twitter @acretoio.

Babak Pasdar
Babak Pasdar
Babak Pasdar is an ethical hacker and a globally-recognized expert in Cyber-Security, Cloud, and Crypto-currency. He has a reputation for developing innovative approaches and methodologies for the industry’s most complex security problems. Before Acreto, Pasdar brought the first proxy-in-the-cloud platform to market, even before the word “cloud” was coined. He called in security in the "Grid". Named one of New York’s Top Ten Startup Founders over 40, he has built and successfully exited two Cyber-Security technology companies and his innovations have been widely adopted by the industry.

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