Segmentation & NAC

Acreto delivers 4 distinct layers of isolation that can be implemented on their own or layered to offer the most robust security available today.


Security Isolation

Ecosystems provide a dedicated security infrastructure for each application, use-case, project or third-party. Ecosystems isolate access to only the users, devices, systems and applications that need to interoperate. Anyone or anything else won’t even know that these systems exist.

The concept of Ecosystems has been around for centuries, however Acreto has developed patented technology that makes it the most powerful defense to the Ransomware problem plaguing organizations today.

Example: Organization with Four Ecosystems


Base Services

Base Services (updated)



ERP updated



A graphic showing Acreto as the protection point between entities and the software used.


Public Web

Public Web updated


Micro Segmentation

Isolate a group of devices on any network without


Nano Segmentation / NAC

Isolate any individual asset, including IoTs / IoMDs from any network, including hostile networks you don’t control.


Data Flow Isolation

Within the Ecosystem, specified communications between specified any source and destinations can be limited to only the network protocols, application protocols, application programs and even content type, regardless of the technologies, the network they are connected to or geographic location around the world.

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