BloxyChain – The Digital Secure-It-All!

BloxyChain – The Digital Secure-It-All!

Why we created this

There has been significant hype on the market around Crypto-currency and Blockchain. The market hype has catapulted Blockchain from a validation protocol for transactions to security for entire applications platforms. IT IS NOT!! Every presentation on Crypto and Blockchain these days has at least one slide, and often many more, on all the ways it can be used for security.

An effective security platform has many components that have to effectively come together to deliver on the protection that platforms require. However many of the people hyping Crypto’s security virtues are most likely not security experts, and may confusingly refer to a one dimensional aspect of digital ledger in a much broader and robust way than is warranted.

In a good-natured way, we poke fun at the confusing information floating around in the Crypto-Zeitgeist.  In this skit we do this by drawing parallels with the infomercial hype men commonly part of the As-Seen-On-TV family.  Here you can see Billy Mays, one of the most recognized hype-men, pitching Oxiclean: Original Billy Mays OxiClean Ad from October 2000.  In these infomercials the viewers are overwhelmed with all the problems their product solves by a frenzied host with a focus on getting them to ACT NOW!

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