Acreto Support Service Levels

Acreto ("Company") commits to support service for its customers as outlined below.

1. Definitions

a. Terms used in this Support Service Level document and not otherwise defined have the meanings ascribed to them in the Company’s Terms of Use.

1. “Customer” references the organization that has purchased and explicitly enabled Services from Company.

2. “Company Partners” are an entity that sells, integrates, services and supports Company’s Service’s.

3. “Customer Support” means any assistance provided by the Company to the Customer to resolve issues with the Service.

4. “Customer Support Portal” the Company online portal to submit and track requests for Support on the Company’s Service.

5. “Service” means, collectively, the functionalities and features, information, tools available via the Company.

6. “Support Service Level” means the level of support service the Company provides to the Customer.

7. “Problem” means an issue or request submitted by Customer to Company

a. “P1 Problem” means any problem where the Customer experiences an Unplanned Downtime of the Service impacting the Customer’s sites, applications or assets

b. “P2 Problem” means any problem in which Customer experiences Service degradation.

c. “P3 Problem” means any non-urgent request that does not impact the Customer’s use of Service in a material way.

d. “P4 Problem” means a general request related to Company’s Service and associated features.

8. “Unplanned Downtime” is the unplanned cessation of the flow of existing data communication via the Company’s Service for a period of time due to the unavailability of the Service. Unplanned Downtime excludes downtime resulting from Customer or Company Planned Downtime or downtime caused by Force Majeure.

9. “Support Ticket” means the online documented request or problem submitted by the Customer to the Company.

2. Support Availability

a. Customer will utilize Company’s online Customer Support Portal to manage all Support Tickets regarding the Service.

b. The Support Ticket must provide adequate information to aid the Company:

  1. In the understanding, analyzing and resolving of the problem;
  2. To check the status and track communication between the Customer and Company.

3. Customer Support Description

a. The Company or Company’s Partners will provide Customer on-boarding support services that Customer contracts.

b. Customer Support does not provide, include or develop any Customer-specific features or capabilities.

c. Only Authorized Customer Users may submit Support Tickets via the Customer Support Portal.

d. Due to the high potential for social engineering, Company does not offer inbound phone support. All support requests must be initiated via the Customer Support Portal and any phone calls or video calls required may be initiated by the Company.

4. Support Availability

a. Company’s Support Service Level response times will be based on the severity of the problem as defined below:


b. Online support via the Customer Support Portal is available 24 X 7.

c. Customer Support Service Levels are response times and are not a commitment for resolution.

5. Problem Resolution

a. Company will work with the Customer to identify and resolve identified Problems or requests related to the Service. Company will consider a Problem to be resolved if:

  1. Customer agrees that the issue is resolved;
  2. Company determines that the issue is caused by a third party, in which case, Company will assist Customer as required in the Customer’s efforts to resolve the Problem;
  3. Customer is not responsive to communications after five (5) calendar days.

6. Security Guarantee

a. Company does not warranty or guarantee security. Company security features and capabilities are industry standard and offered on a best-effort basis. Company offers no guarantees to identify, alert and mitigate malicious users, content, exploits or any other methods, tools, software or hardware that may be utilized to impact the integrity or availability of Customer or Customer third-party systems, data, applications or other assets that utilizes the Company’s Service.

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