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Robust Zero-Trust & Ransomware Defense With Acreto

Introducing a new generation of Zero-Trust security that goes well beyond authentication, providing ultimate ransomware protection.

Today’s organizations’ technology environment consists of multiple users, systems, devices, clouds and applications — all interconnected via various third-parties.

Current zero-trust options are limited to the network(s) and authentication, which don’t address third-party security.

This approach creates gaps, leaving the entire infrastructure increasingly exposed to ransomware.

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    Inside Acreto’s Zero-Trust Model

    From Vulnerable

    Acreto views every technology, regardless of its type, location, network or ownership, as vulnerable. And when an authorized device is exploited, it becomes a threat — a threat with privilege.

    To Protected

    Acreto deploys authentication, isolation, enforcement and threat management across the entire hybrid infrastructure by consolidating full-stack security into the connection.

    Connected & Secure

    With Acreto — if it’s connected, it’s secure! If it’s not connected, it won’t know your infrastructure even exists.

    Ultimate Zero-Trust, Ultimate Protection

    All that is needed to interconnect, isolate and secure every technology in your infrastructure is to connect to Acreto. Acreto offers a variety of options to make connecting easy.

    Once connected, Acreto delivers everything you need to connect, zero-trust, isolate and secure the entire infrastructure. Robust capabilities include:

    1. Isolated SD-WAN
    2. Segmentation
    3. Zero-Trust
    4. Security
    5. Visibility
    6. Compliance

    Acreto transparently consolidates all security functions, including zero-trust, in the connection making it the ultimate solution to protect the entire hybrid infrastructure against ransomware.

    Acreto is a whole new generation of zero-trust that goes well beyond authentication to provide per-application Ecosystems with integrated segmentation, enforcement and threat prevention.

    It does this simply and transparently without the need for products, logistics, consultants or re-architecture. Acreto provides the ultimate zero-trust, consolidation and security in a single, simple, platform that can be turned on in minutes.

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