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Former CIA Chief Technology Officer Bob Flores Joins Acreto Advisory Board

After 31 years of protecting the CIA’s most sensitive information, Bob Flores brings his expertise to Acreto.

Jersey City, New Jersey, August 28, 2018 – Bob Flores, former Chief Technology Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, has joined award-winning startup Acreto IoT Security’s Advisory Board. Flores is working closely with Acreto’s management team to build the most advanced security platform for the world’s most vulnerable systems – Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, especially those using Crypto / Blockchain. Blockchain and IoT, individually and together, represent the fastest growing technology segments. They are vulnerable and current security technologies are ineffective.

Flores spent 31 years serving six presidents from Carter to Obama in a variety of roles at the Directorate of Intelligence, the National Clandestine Service, and the CIA’s Office of the CIO.

“Throughout my career at the CIA, we solved complex challenges by applying reliable and effective approaches and technologies. Even if it meant creating them ourselves. Though Crypto-IoT addresses several problems, it also creates completely new challenges. Today, Crypto-IoT has globally distributed exposure points numbering in the billions and growing. A complete rethinking of cyber-security is needed for IoTs,” said Bob Flores. “Acreto’s innovative rethinking of security for this new challenge is nothing short of impressive. I’m very much looking forward to contributing to a great team.”

Crypto and IoT technologies bring an unparalleled technology dynamic that has created the greatest cyber-security challenge known to date.

“Bob is experienced at the toughest security job on the planet – defending the U.S. from the world’s most motivated and well-funded bad actors. He brings the same critical thinking and leadership he applied to global challenges like the cold war and war on terror, to Acreto,” said Babak Pasdar, Acreto’s CEO and CTO. “It is our great honor and privilege to welcome Bob to the Acreto team.”

Crypto-IoT platforms are being embedded into everything from supply chains to entire industries and economies. Today’s legacy security cannot adapt to secure these highly distributed platforms. Acreto, with the addition of Bob Flores, continues to rethink and innovative cyber-security that elegantly addresses the Crypto-IoT challenge.


Media Contact:

Patricia Cucolo

Manager, Marketing & Public Relations


About Acreto:

Acreto is the first cloud-delivered, end-to-end connectivity and security platform that can connect and protect any technology, on any network, anywhere. Acreto SASE +Plus delivers Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) functionalities for access technologies such as devices, networks, IoT / OT and third-parties; while Acreto Secure Application and Data Interconnect (SADI) connects and protects application delivery infrastructure such as clouds, SaaS, data centers and co-locations. Acreto SASE +Plus is SASE plus SADI — one platform with one interface from one provider for all of your technologies around the world. Learn more at or @acretoio.


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